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A network device is any computer, laptop, gaming console (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) or other device that connects to the network to access the internet.

Restricted Network Devices

You are to use only one network device at a time plugged directly into your network wall jack. Do not attach any routers, hubs, switches or wireless devices in your room including:

  • Linksys
  • D-Link
  • Belkin
  • Any other type of router, with or without wireless support
  • Any device you would use to connect more than one device to the network.

Anyone found using these devices will have their ResNet connection terminated and will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for an official reprimand.

Permitted Network Devices

You may use a standard PC, laptop, gaming console (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.), or other network device not listed above to access the Internet. Be sure your device is configured so that it does not run any of the following restricted services and applications.

Restricted Services and Applications

Running any of the following services will get you an official reprimand:

  • 802.11 Wireless: Do not run your own wireless AP. Do not configure your laptop as an Ad-Hoc network device. Do not run any device or service that accepts other wireless clients. Personal Bluetooth wireless is permitted.

  • DHCP: Do not run your own DHCP services on a PC or any other network device.

  • Web Server: Do not run your own web server or any other device with a web service built in.

  • Peer-to-Peer file sharing software: P2P is strictly prohibited. See Prohibited Software Policies.

  • Sniffer software: Do not use sniffer software to monitor the network traffic of other ResNet students.