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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The use of any file sharing program for downloading or uploading copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. All students caught violating this, or any other university network use rule will be immediately disconnected from the network and reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for disciplinary action.

To use a computer on the UCF Network, you must adhere to the following rules:

The university supports open access to electronic communication and information. Nevertheless, the preservation of an open computing and communications environment requires adherence by users to a set of standards and policies for the responsible use of computing systems, software and telecommunication networks. In accordance with FAC Rule 6C7-4.037, university computing and telecommunications resources shall not be used as follows:

  1. To impersonate another individual or to misrepresent an authorization to act on behalf of other individuals or the university.

  2. To modify the original attribution of electronic mail messages or postings.

  3. To send anonymous messages without clearly and correctly identifying the sender.

  4. To make unauthorized or illegal use of the intellectual property of others without the prior written permission of the owner or the copyright holder of the information.

  5. To transmit to others or to display images, sounds, or messages that reasonably could perceived as being harassing, invasive, or otherwise unwanted.

  6. To carry out commercial or other for profit purposes without prior express written approval of the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs of the university.

  7. To conduct programs which do not directly relate to, or are in support of, the academic, research, or administrative activities of the university.

  8. To attempt to undermine the security or the integrity of the university's computing systems or telecommunications networks, to attempt to gain unauthorized access, or to intercept or decode passwords or similar access control information.

  9. To intentionally damage, disable, or impair computing or telecommunications equipment or software.

  10. To acquire or utilize software that does not adhere to applicable software licenses and copyright laws or is not consistent with university software policies.

  11. To introduce viruses or other destructive software in university computer facilities.

  12. To engage in activities which are not consistent with the provisions of Chapter 815, Florida Statutes, Computer Crimes Act, Title 18 United States Code, Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, or the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

  13. "Chain Letters" or similar material are prohibited.

All members of the university community are expected to adhere to university policies regarding the security and use of individual user id's and passwords. Members of the university community are held responsible for any violation of university policies which involve the use of their computer account. Unauthorized use of a university computer account is expressly prohibited.

Computer users shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations governing the use of computer and telecommunication technology, as well as all Applicable rules and regulations of the university and the Florida Board of Regents.

Violation of the computer and network rules and policies shall result in disciplinary action. Serious violations of university policies shall be referred to the appropriate university officials, such as the dean of students or the division vice president for appropriate disciplinary action. Any violation of the rules and policies described above shall generally result in immediate loss of network and computer access and privileges.

Suspected criminal violations of federal, state or local laws shall be reported to the University Police Department, appropriate law enforcement agencies or any other applicable authorities or agencies. However, unauthorized or fraudulent use of university computing and telecommunication resources can result in felony prosecution as provided for in Florida Statutes, Chapter 775, Florida Criminal Code.

ResNet users are permitted to use only one device on any ResNet port at one time. All devices connected to ResNet must be properly registered by the student assigned to the port where the devices are connected. ResNet users are not permitted to register other users' devices under their own ResNet account - doing so would constitute a violation of the UCF Golden Rule.